The Wish list

2018 Wish List Meeting
Tuesday November 13, 2018 @ 6:10pm
in the Art Room

Fundraising, to enhance the educational experience for our children, is one of the main objectives of School Council. In previous years, School Council fundraising proceeds have gone toward the school library, in-classroom books and learning materials, school performances, schoolyard landscaping, visits by artists, field trips, gym equipment, technology, musical instruments, recess play equipment and much more.

Submissions for requested items are gathered from parents and teachers in the fall and reviewed in November, when the core Wish List is prioritized. 

Wish List 2018/2019

*Requests submitted after November 13 will continue to be considered throughout the year. 

Submit your wish list request to Clinton School Council below. 

Name *
Please include approximate costs if possible.

Wish List 2017/2018

At the November meeting, items were reviewed and categorized under the following:

  • A - Will Fund (current funds allocated)

  • B - Future Consideration (will be considered as funding comes in throughout school year)

  • C - Outstanding (items Council cannot fund, but are still needed/requested)

If you would like to donate an item that is on the Wish List (musical instrument, books, classroom items etc.) please let us know! The school would be incredibly grateful for any and all donations!