Schoolyard Improvement Project

*UPDATE January 2018

The meetings with the TDSB were unfortunately cancelled and rescheduled several times, and we were unable to meet with the TDSB before the end of 2017. A meeting is now scheduled for early February, which will hopefully bring us one step closer to having a master plan for our schoolyard improvements. 

The Clinton Schoolyard is in desperate need of maintenance and repair. Clinton St. Junior Public School's principal, Sonia Antunes, along with a group of parent volunteers, are in talks with the TDSB to get some much-needed work done on the property in the coming year. The TDSB will only fund the repair and maintenance of the track and paved areas, grass and trees, and overall infrastructure, but anything that could be considered an "enhancement" is up to the school to fund.
The Schoolyard Committee has surveyed parents, teachers and students to get a broad idea of what sort of things we feel would improve the schoolyard for Clinton students and teachers, as well as the community surrounding it, and these results will be presented to the TDSB in mid-November 2017.
The TDSB will then come up with a master plan proposal and present it to us toward the end of 2017. Their goal is to have all of the plans in place by January 2018 in order to (hopefully) start working on it in the summer of 2018. 

The Clinton School Council will need to fundraise if there are to be any enhancements made to the schoolyard, such as any new equipment or structures.

The support of parents and community members will be crucial to making our hopes for this space come to fruition!